Welcome to FinLindia Equestrian!

Welcome to FinLindia Equestrian! We focus on cultivating riding skills and passion in Young Riders and Adults alike.

Young Riders

Not only will your child learn to ride at FinLindia Equestrian but he/she will also make friends with the most beautiful animals on the planet – Horses! While working side-by-side with these beautiful creatures, your child might end up developing a bond that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Studies have shown that riding improves child's cognitive abilities. Along with learning the responsibility of taking care of horses, children will also develop better hand eye coordination in a structured setting. The bond between a youth and their horse and the experience from riding will develop leadership skills, hand eye coordination skills, athletic skills, and lifestyle skills that the youth may come to rely on for the rest of their lives.

Working knowledge of one horse riding phrase alone, "Get back in the saddle" can be a lifelong lesson.


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4 Lessons = $160

8 Lessons = $305

Riding & Training Lessons
Finlindia Equestrian
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Limited period offer

4 Lessons = $40/Hr


Finlindia Equestrian
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Riding is not only for children but also for teens and adults. While at the barn adults get a chance to get away from the up and downs of their daily lives and really focus on themselves and the horse, as the horse himself focuses only on the adult - thereby forming a remarkable bond. The feeling of being in the saddle is tough to put into words; you just have to experience it. As Winston Churchill once remarked, "No hour is wasted that is spent in the Saddle."

The discipline of riding offers a full mind and body challenge and when the things finally click, that feeling is life altering. As coach Peggy puts it, "I have been there myself and I hope to bring you to the same "aha" moment".

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, come and learn the finesse and finer points of riding from us.

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